iPhone Update Adds QR Scanning to Camera App

October 17, 2017

Scanning a QR code with your iPhone has always required the installation of a third party app. This has slowed the adoption of the QR code. We were very happy to learn that with the release of iOS 11, QR codes can now be scanned using only the standard camera app that ships with the OS. Because of this, you can expect a wider adoption of the QR code as a means of sharing URL’s!

Scanning Waiver Form QR Code on an iPhoneThis is great news because signing your waiver online has often meant typing in the web address of the waiver form, which is cumbersome. 

The simplicity and convenience of QR codes makes it a great tool for sharing web addresses. Just scan the code and you’re there. 

Now that customers won’t need to install an app, not only will it make it easier for those customers who know what a QR code is, the overall increase in understanding about these codes will increase. 

But let’s take a step back. What is a QR Code? 

A QR code, or Quick Response code, is similar to a barcode. It’s a square, scannable code that can be easily scanned using your smartphone. It was originally used in the automotive industry in Japan, but has shown much more widespread use in recent years. Put simply, it is just a simple code that is translated into a line of text. This text can contain just about anything, including a web address. 

Scanning a QR code to take you directly to a url is a lot faster and easier than typing an address, especially when trying to type on a small mobile phone keyboard. Scanning also eliminates the inevitable type-o’s that come with trying to enter a lengthy address. 

When it comes to signing waivers, if you have a line of customers waiting to check in, posting a QR code to your waiver form will allow them to scan it and be completing their waiver while they wait, speeding the entire process and cutting down on those lines. 

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