WaiverFile Adds Image and Screen Saver Features

November 25, 2019

This week we added some long awaited image features! You can now add images to your waiver forms and signing pages! We also added a screen saver feature so you can display promotional graphics on your waiver kiosks.  

Add your logo

Your logo can be added to your signing pages. It will appear on the top-left corner of all of the public-facing signing pages. To add your logo, log into your admin dashboard, then go to Customize >> Images. On this page, you can manage a variety of images on your account. The first one listed is the logo. Click the Browse button and select your logo file, then click Upload. Your logo will appear immediately on your web-based signing pages. 

Screen Savers

The new screen saver feature is a great way to display promotional graphics on your kiosk tablets. When the tablets are idle, the images you add will display one at a time with a fade transition. 
Adding the new images is easy, just log into your dashboard and go to Customize >> Images. From there, upload one or more images in the screen saver boxes. 

Welcome Page Images

The welcome page is the first screen that customers see when they arrive at your WaiverFile account. You can add images on this page (in addition to the logo on top) to help enhance your brand image. Each of the 4 welcome images is displayed above or below the welcome headings and buttons. The location of each is described under each heading so you can decide where to place any images you add. 

Add images to your waiver agreement

When editing your waiver agreement text, you'll see we have added a new image icon Image Icon which will let you add graphics to your waiver forms. Click the icon, upload your images, or select from your library of images that you may already have added. The images will appear on the signing page wherever you place them, as well as on the forms when they are downloaded or printed. 

Synchronize Your Mobile App

If you are using our mobile app, you'll need to re-sync before your image changes will appear there. This happens automatically every few minutes, but follow the steps below to push it right away: 

To re-sync your mobile app:
  • Tap the gear icon on the bottom-left corner of the first screen.
  • Enter your password to log in
  • Click the orange Synchronize button. 
  • Tap back
  • If you don't see the image right away, close your app and re-open it to refresh the settings. 

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