How to Connect WaiverFile to Signpost

WaiverFile makes it easy to keep your Signpost account up to date with the latest customer information that you collect with your online waiver forms. 

Setting up the connection is easy. Here's how to configure it: 
  • Log into your admin dashboard
  • Go to Settings >> Connectors
  • Under the Signpost logo, click the setup button
    Sign Post Connector
  • Then complete the settings and click save: 

    Sign Post Settings
  • For Status, select Active unless you want to disable the connector.
  • For Live Mode, select Live unless you have received a sandbox account from Signpost and would like to test there first. 
  • To get your API key and Merchant ID, contact your signpost account manager, or email ncv@fvtacbfg.pbz
  • The "When to Send Records" option will let you delay sending the records until after the event has concluded, or delay it further. This is useful if you send followup emails to customers after they attend, and you don't want to send that email before they have attended. You can also choose to send the data immediately. 
  • The opt-in setting will let you choose if you want to only send the names of customers who have chosen to opt-in. Be sure to review your waiver form to make sure you have enabled that option. You'll find it under Waiver Forms >> Edit Form Fields. 

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How to Configure Signpost for WaiverFile

This brief video will demonstrate how to configure your WaiverFile account to connect with Signpost. 

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