Deleting Waivers

The first thing to know about deleting waivers is that in WaiverFile, waivers are never truly deleted. As long as your account is active, all records are retained. Since waivers are meant to be a permanent record, we make it so "deleted" waivers are actually stored in an archive where they can be restored if needed. 

Remove from Dashboard

Next to each participant in the dashboard is a trash can icon. Click this to remove the name from either the event or general admission section. This doesn't delete the waiver, rather it just removes them from being present in the check-in. 

Restore to Dashboard

If you've removed a name from the dashboard and you want to get it back, click on the ( ) Check In button just above that section. Search for the name you want to add and then click Add Selected

Move a Waiver to Trash

Click on a waiver name to view the signed waiver. On the top-right, click the Move to Trash button. This will move the waiver and all of its participants to the trash. The waiver and its participants will be moved to the trash. They won't appear in search results or exports, but they will not be permanently deleted as long as your account is active. 

Restoring Deleted Waivers

To restore waivers, in the admin go to Archive >> Restore Deleted Waivers. Here you will find a list of all waivers that have been deleted. Click on the Restore link to restore that waiver. 


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