WaiverFile Dashboard

The dashboard in WaiverFile will display your signed waivers in a clean, easy-to-follow format. Waivers are grouped into sections depending on if they are tied to an event or signed in advance. Each section lists the names and can be sorted by clicking on the column headers.

dashboard with signed in advance

Waiver Dashboard Sections

General Admission Section (Green)

The General Admission section is used for general signing that is not tied to an event. This list will show the newest waivers on top by default. 

Events Section (Blue)

Signees for upcoming events will be listed here, each grouped by the event they are attending. This makes it easy to keep track of the signees for each group or party you have, and ensure that everyone has a signed waiver. It is also helpful when verifying headcounts for parties. 

Signed in Advance Section (Orange)

When the date-attending option is enabled on your form, you can have customers specify the date they are going to attend. This section will display names based on that date. If you have a lot of general admission customers, this feature can be helpful during check-in so you are only looking at a list of the current day's names rather than all names regardless of when it was signed. 

Learn more about the Signed in Advance Feature Here

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