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Adventure Park Waivers

For all their guests, the adventure park business provides excitement and fun. But, some level of risk is carried where activities that revolve around water, speed, and heights are concerned. To protect your business from frivolous lawsuits, it's crucial your customers sign release forms or waiver agreements. Here's the good news: You can use electronic waivers today rather than going with the cumbersome, outdated, traditional paperwork of old. Through online waiver applications, we, at WaiverFile, help streamline your adventure park business. In fact, for many adventure parks across the United States, we are already providing secure, unified, efficient waiver software.

Benefits of Using Adventure Park Waiver Forms

Your company's legal responsibility can be limited by the signing of a waiver by customers and participants as it relates to the fun-filled opportunities you provide. If you own an adventure park, the following features can be enjoyed by using WaiverFile:

  • Archive your waivers – In our secure database, all your waivers can be stored. This zipped directory of waiver files – the archive file – contains already HTML formatted waiver files. From the index page, business can navigate easily through files – even off-line!
  • Tracking – With ease, you can now track large groups of customers. We know how hard it is to keep track of customer numbers – particularly when they’re massive. Before they enter your adventure park, there is more added stress to make sure all their waivers are completed. In order to maintain compliance, our dashboard can offer every feature you will need.
  • Easy waiver construction – With our creation tools, it's easier than ever to create waiver forms. Edit fonts and colors, add images, copy and paste your agreement, and create custom questions. With our rich text editor, you can configure up-to-date waiver forms. Choose from a wide selection of drop-down lists, buttons, checkboxes, field types, and more.


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Why Switch to Online Adventure Park Waivers?

Within a certain timeframe, you can set online waivers to expire. This way, before each visit, you can make sure all visitors and customers are signing their waiver forms and screening forms. They can be signed on the device of your customers because digital waivers are contactless. Then, in the WaiverFile dashboard, they can be reviewed by your team. This allows your adventure park to run checks on employees and customers, reduce the spread of the coronavirus, and simplify your administrative process.

How Can Your Adventure Park Business Implement Electronic Waivers?

To gather your customers’ responses to the waiver template you choose and download, you will need to choose one or more of the following for information gathering:

  • Via email, share the online sign link
  • At your entrance, set up a digital waiver
  • Sign on android tablets and smartphones
  • Sign from website widget
  • Sign on iOS tablets and smartphones… and more

To get started, complete the form below to setup the free online waiver form for adventure parks! 

If you have any questions about using online adventure park waivers, feel free to contact us today.

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Microsoft Word Version

Using online waiver forms is the fastest and easiest way to collect, but if you'd still like a Word version you can download it below.