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Automotive & Motorsports Waivers

Throughout the country, nonessential facilities are gradually reopening. In the number of participants signing up for events, the motorsports and automotive industry is definitely experiencing an increase. Here's the thing, however: Activities like waiver signing can't be done as they have been in the past. People can't be closely lined up together while they wait. In one area, you don't particularly want a big group of people tightly concentrated.

Not only can there be excruciatingly long waiting periods for customers, when doing things the old school way, but where social distancing guidelines are concerned, you run the risk of getting too many people too close.

With online waiver signing, and other methods of digital waiver signing, health risks related to congested waiting areas can be reduced, as well as wait times.

Benefits of Using Automotive/Motorsports Waiver Forms

The legal responsibility that a company and/or individual has can be limited by the signing of a waiver. This does, of course, relate to the goods and/or services provided to customers by the business or individual. With an automotive/motorsports waiver, you can enjoy the following features:

  • Sync the email addresses and names you've collected with other services like Constant Contact, MailChimp, and more.
  • By track and event, you can easily group participants who haven't already signed waivers. This helps make sure, before an event starts, everyone has signed.
  • With open-ended questions and multiple-choice questions, you can customize your form. Ahead of time, have your customers fill these in. You can always have a computer or tablet, if a handful of customers have forgotten to fill out your form, which will be accessible at your entrance.

Note: The signature digitally provided by a signer is just as valid as a physically handwritten signature, according to the Uniform Electronic Signatures Act.

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Why Switch to Online Automotive/Motorsports Waivers?

The entire process of signing waivers can be simplified when you choose digital automotive/motorsports waivers. Both time and money can be saved by business owners through the use of electronic legal documents. They improve accuracy and efficiency, at the very least. But by amassing valuable demographic information, electronic legal documents might even assist with marketing efforts. By using digital waivers, other notable benefits can be enjoyed including the following:

  • Help manage capacity requirements.
  • Improve your businesses’ preparedness.
  • Help reduce crowding.
  • Significantly shorten the check in process.
  • Keep your business up-to-date and modern.
  • Save on overhead costs.
  • Help improve your professionalism.

How Can Your Automotive/Motorsports Business Implement Electronic Waivers?

In order to incorporate electronic waivers into your automotive/motorsports business, the first thing you'll need to do is sign up for an account with WaiverFile. Use the form below to create one with our free automotive/motorsports waiver template installed. Customize it to meet your needs, then the following methods can be used to gather the responses of your customers. You'll need to choose one or more:

  • On your entrance’s kiosk stand, set up the digital waiver
  • Via email, share the online sign link
  • Sign from a website widget
  • Sign on tablets and android smartphones
  • Sign on tablets and iOS smartphones
  • … and more

If you have any questions about using online automotive/motorsports waivers, feel free to contact us today.


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